The hotel restaurant La Bastida is known for the originality and quality of our letter. The merger between the “traditional cuisine” and “New Kitchen” lets take a trip around the food segment in Castilla-La Mancha.

The cuisine of our chefs gathers the best recipes of the Spanish cuisine, such as stewed partridge to Toledo or the famous French toast with homemade caramel ice cream with cinnamon. Also we offer crispy taste our sausage rolls and caramelized leek, mushroom risotto, parmesan and grilled foie, the Supreme Monkfish Bilbao, the Iberian pork medallions style “La Bastida” and, among other delights, the Soufflé hot chocolate.

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Each dish is prepared with natural and seasonal selected to ensure maximum quality. We have menus to choose from, including our Special Tasting Menu. Also, custom, hot stews and rice dishes.

Our restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate special events such as christenings, communions and birthdays. And ideal to for business meetings.

“Dedicated to Grandma Antonia …. From their recipes and her love to cook … From his tenacity in taking care of their grandchildren… And their famous torrijas worldwide …”
For more information and reservations call +34 925 281 017 Or by e-mail: